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Owner   Bobby Keiningham


                Welcome to Bonetown Catfishing

       Home of Bonetown Drifting weights                           We are  TeamBonetown Catfishing  


Me and my brother are tournament cat fisherman  we enjoy the comamodary and the fun and the competition is great,  as we have learned more about cat fishing over the years and that the equiptment  you buy is very expensive and tends not to work as well as you hope, so over the years we decided to start making our own mostly our problem was our drifting weights we like to drift heavy structure and were loosing a lot of weights .

     So I started trying to design my own and with a lot of  trial and error we finally came up with a drifting weight that works very well  it is a Slinky style weight that is very smooth it is not made with shoe lace or para cord and buck shot,  it is made with a material that is a weaved fiber  and small bb style pellets and triple sealed on both ends with a  hole on one end to clip on your line .

   We are very proud of our weights  and the people that have tried them tell us they  love them and now we are offering them to the public  we make them in one to three ounces so come on give them a try I guarantee  you will not be disappointed. 


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