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Our Pro Staff

Chuckie Ouvry

Chuckie  Is a great asset to Bonetown Catfishing He is very Knolageable in the catfishing world and is willing to answer all your questions giving you tips and advice .

He also makes  a product Called

          Bait buddies 

Thay are to hang on your rod holders you will know what bait is on your rod so check Chuckie out on facebook and check his product out Thay are awsome

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David Kingsmore

       David Kingsmore is an awsome catfisherman he knows what he is doing one of the best on the water he is very Knoageable and very experianced he is willing to talk to anyone and give advice on bait and setups David is a self employed fisherman and fishes many tournaments he know many lakes and is hard to beat

so check david out i am sure you be satisfied

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